Light Conversations with Bhaskar #3 - Steve Sims

Light Conversations with Bhaskar Podcast Episode #3
 There is a story of a young man who, during the ceremony of his father's passing, sees the Buddha walking by. He runs to the Buddha and implores, "You are such an enlightened being. Please do some special ritual so that my father gets permanent residency in the heavens". The Buddha in his own way responded, "If you put stones in water, it will sink to the bottom. If you put butter in water, it will float to the top. This is the law of nature. Similarly, if your father lived a light and uplifting life, who can make him go up or bring him down?"
 My dear friend and mentor Steve 'The River Man'  Sims passed away recently. I feel only the lightness of his spirit and deep appreciation for sharing my life journey with this incredibly gentle and wise man. The Friday before his passing, he was in considerable pain. I asked him, "what gives you the most joy these days?" Without hesitation he responded, "The thought of beating you in chess my friend". We'll play our next game together on the other side Steve-ji :)
 Steve 'The River Man'  Sims is wisdom. If you did not get to meet Steve-ji in person, that's pretty much all one needs to know. He leaves his wisdom behind in all those whose hearts he touched and in his books 'River of Awareness', 'Wisdom of Authenticity' and 'The Noble River' Trilogy. 
 Steve travelled the world and lived a life less ordinary. He dedicated his life to being 'an adventure of love', serving in addiction centers, prisons, low income neighborhoods and end-of-life care. He lived right beside Riviere Rouge in Quebec. Whenever life got too wild, and I needed shelter, I used to spend my days with him in silence at his river cabin. In the evenings we chatted and played games. I feel so blessed to have had such a mentor in my life. He was like a fresh river of wisdom and I could come by at any time and take a drink. 
 I'm delighted to offer to you this wonderful and wise conversation. A gift of his wisdom to us. 
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Light Conversations with Bhaskar #3 - Steve Sims
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